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[Accidental Voice]

[The post is silent at the start. Well, not quite silent, more like the quiet of a room full of people waiting for something. Then, somewhere in the background, a recording of a violin and a guitar starts to play. When a voice starts singing, it's recognizable as Jak's - at least, to anyone who can make the connection.

Those familiar with the sort of entertainment found in bars may gradually divine that what's going on is that Jak's managed to get a song he ran across on the internet into the Naughty Ottsel's karaoke machine. How he did this is anyone's guess - it probably involves either Keira or Vin, but in either case he probably didn't tell then where it's from.

He's not half bad. He even manages to get the bit in the last verse where it sounds like he's this far from crying.]

IC Inbox

[Voice | Text | Video]

You've reached Jak's inbox. I can't get my phone right now, but leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

RL with Rose - Spargus City

Jak leaned against the wall of the garage that formed the main gate of Spargus City, waiting for Rose to arrive. He loved the girl, really he did, but she took things far too seriously sometimes.

Either way, the arena was great stress relief. Especially since it got rid of Marauders faster, which was always a good thing. It occurred to Jak that he'd never actually seen a woman Marauder, not even when they'd raided the fortress. Seemed odd, considering it seemed like they bred like kangarats. One of life's many mysteries. Probably Pecker would have an opinion. He usually did.


Well, it had happened; he and Pinky had finally been caught.

Jak sat in the defendant's box, looking around the courtroom with interest. He'd never been court-martialed before.

*blink blink*

Huh, this is new. Everybody's decided to suddenly stop worrying about everything. Nice change.

Might as well take advantage of it have some fun. Anybody up for a game of Truth or Dare? If nobody cares if they look stupid... This oughta get interesting.

((OOC: Strikes not hackable. He's not affected, just having a bit of fun at the expense of those who are. Don't worry; it'll be mostly harmless. In any sense related to physical health, anyway. Dignity, not so much. This is Truth or Dare, after all.))
((Forward-dated to the very end of the alignment virus))

The Bloody Hook was, surprisingly enough, mostly a racers' bar. In the last year or so Jak had achieved quite a bit of fame on Kras City's racetracks, so he'd secured an out-of-the-way booth that people weren't likely to look into.

Of course, in Kras City, it was usually wise not to take an interest in anything shady in case the people involved decided to take an interest in you. Specifically in conjunction with the sharp objects that a lot of them seemed to be named after.

Jak was watching the door, waiting for Rose to arrive. He had a fairly good idea of what she'd look like from her icons, but he'd never met her in person, so he was watching carefully. Then again, anyone without the long, pointed ears that were common in Jak's world would probably be fairly conspicuous.
Glad I missed out on that virus thing people've been talking about.

I found something really weird, too. I swear whoever wrote this song was trying to do my life story or something; I can freaking hear it.

Recipe for Success

Seen a lot of people taking this one...


- a pinch of trustworthiness
- a pound of honesty
- 1/4 cup of wealth

Serve hot.
'What is your personality recipe?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Seems to fit, except for the wealth part. How it got that from my answers I've got no clue.

Incidentally, is anyone gonna try and persuade me not to kill my best friend? Because I just know it was Daxter who had the bright idea of putting a picture of a Lurker inside the frame of my mirror.


OOC Shadow Plot

Name: Aether
Description: Jak's shadow is of a self-righteous, almost messianic demeanor, as if it knows exactly what's best for everyone - as one might guess from the fact that it wears a white robe and a shining, golden crown. But its skin is the ashen gray of a corpse, and it tends to descend randomly into snarling rage. In its Aggravated Form, it splits into two beings, recognizable to those who have seen them as Light and Dark Jak - one with horns, the ashen-gray skin of its normal form, and long claws crackling with dark energy, the other a winged figure visible only because it is outlined in glowing white, with searing light shining from where its eyes should be.
Aether was one of the first gods born into the cosmos in Greek Mythology, the incarnation of the brightness of the upper air, and also the defensive wall between Tartarus and the rest of the universe. As Jak's persona, he's a featureless figure glowing with ripples of light and darkness, with two wings - one shining white, one glowing with an eye-bending dark light.
Arcana: Judgment
Inheritance: Light/Dark
Elemental Resistance:
Persona: Absorb Light and Dark, Resist Physical
Shadow: Dark Jak - Absorb Dark, Reflect Physical, Weak Light; Light Jak - Absorb Light, Reflect Wind/Fire/Ice/Electricity, Weak Dark
Level: 85. Jak not only has serious issues, but they're also buried deep - finding out that a man he looked up to was his father, only after witnessing his death; having his body changed against his will, to house conflicting elements of light and darkness... and he's tired of saving the world. (To borrow a phrase from one of his icons, "Destiny is getting old.") He's not sure whether he's a monster or an angel, and is getting sick of having to be either.